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my daughter pooped on her own

This is probably the only poopy diaper that I will appreciate.  She has had to have  a suppository twice  to poop, and I was beginning to be scared that she would continue to have this problem.  And bilirubin is released in poop more so than in urine.  This is a graphic entry - sorry..

My cats have not learned to adjust to her yet.  I feel bad that they all were locked out of the bedroom last night, but at least two of hem proved themselves to not be trustworthy.  I really hope they adjust.

You know she smells good...I never thought babies smelled good....mainly cause I think baby aisles in the store stink....but her head smells good....kinda like some sort of sweet mild-smelling cookie.  Maybe it is just cause shhe is mine or maybe I've never been close enough to a baby to notice.  Amazing how I've gone from almost never even picking up a baby - and when I did they were older than 6 mos - to breastfeeding, burping, rocking, and changing a baby.

She snoring right now...will have to let my husband know that I get to sleep between two snoring people.  She likes guitar solos...she will stop crying just to listen....and she already wrinkled her nose when mommy sung out of tune.  I won't force her into music, but I wonder if she inherited her daddy's ear.

At any rate she is a good girl...I do get annoyed when I'm feeding her every 1 1/5 hour to 2 hours in the night...but that is partially my fault since I decided to breastfeed.  And I have the supplement that we were doing for awhile...but she spits it up...almost the whole thing and is hungry after spitting it up...she doesn't spit up my breastmilk...or at least rarely does.

I just wish her grandpa could meet her - I think he would've fallen in love already.
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