Willow Slmssc (slmssc) wrote,
Willow Slmssc

I was given the letter B

by crescentdreams

So the way it works, is I list 10 items starting with B that I like, and why...no particular order.

1. Baby - I'm cheating here...I mean my baby.  She definately has a personality already, even though she is still inside me, and I just feel this connection to her.  She doesn't have a name yet, just a list of possibilities, and she may not have one until she is born.  She moves at specific things, like genres of music, and the cutest thing is when I play a recording of her Daddy singing she almost always moves - just like she knows she is listening to her Daddy....she will be spoiled probably.

2. Books - books are good at taking you away for reality.  Sometimes it is just good to go into your own little world and forget other things.

3. Blue - blue has a ton of wonderful shades...most make me feel warm and comfy when looking at them.

4. Breezes - breezes when you are outside take you back to times when you were outside a lot - like when you were a little kid.  It also offers relief and a sense of relaxment.

5. Bands - hometown rock bands can be interesting to listen to.  Rock bands and jazz bands create a wonderful mesh of their personalities.  And band in school is a good extracurricular activity, and can sound impressive when done right.

6. Baking - I like baking probably more than cooking.  The house is filled with wonderful smells, some that you only get during the holidays.  Can you really walk into a house that smells of cookies or pie and stay in a bad mood?

7. Bed - going to bed is a nice relaxing feeling and offers the opportunity to curl up with furry animals or significant others.

8. Back rubs - relaxing, enough said.

9. Breakfast - okay, I'm not a good "eat breakfast at breakfast time" person....but I do love pancakes, waffles, french toast, eggs, bacon, sausage...even if it is for lunch or dinner.

10. Breaks - holiday breaks, breaks from work, breaks for "life"....some breaks can be a good well-deserved thing.

Ok - that wasn't easy and probably isn't the best list...but it works, and I did ask for it.
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