Willow Slmssc (slmssc) wrote,
Willow Slmssc


I really don't post alot...but at the request of Crescentdreams, I suppose I will.

Lots of stuff has happened...married, watched my husband start his career, moved, pregnant (girl)...etc. Guess it's just that time of life where lots of things happen fast. Anyway...she was specifically talking about buying a car. I did ok. Will never know if I did excellent but I'm happy with the car (although part of my brain tells me it is a rental and my Buick is lonely somewhere waiting for me to pick it up) and I'm happy with the fixed interest rate I got on it. It was a 2007 Ford Five Hundred SEL....but it has a ton of extras on it that make it almost a Limited, now that I'm looking at it. I don't care about some of the packages (for example: 18" wheel...chrome...rather than 17", or leather seating), but that was what they had at the dealership. I did care about the safety package (side air bags) though. So the MSRP was about 26,995...and after discount, incentive, and trade-in for my downpayment...we got it knocked down a decent bit. And hopefully it has a lot of safety features, etc that will make it last a LONG time....cause I don't expect to pay that kind of money again in the near future, but we needed something safe for the baby. So lead_tenor and I made our first "big" purchase together...and did well at it I think. I test drove the vehicles one direction and did a circle in a parking lot to check out the turning control and then we switched seats and he took the vehicles back to the dealership...so we both got to drive them.

I think I might've annoyed the sales guy slightly with all my questions about safety features, but oh well, he gets paid to be there. Actually the sales guy was really nice, but the finance guy was a little bit of a grump - I think he was ready to clock out and go home...and he probably wasn't getting a commission off us like the sales guy.

Anyway...not much else going on besides usual busy-ness. Gotta eat dinner and get to bed, so I can visit the car insurance people before work tomorrow.
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