Willow Slmssc (slmssc) wrote,
Willow Slmssc


Trina told me that I NEVER type in this :P

So what's new. Life is complicated and busy. Rodney is working a job for money until he decides what his career goals are. I am trying to get Alternatively Certified for El. Ed. - I am to the point where I need to find a job - this is NOT my favorite part. I HATE to play the waiting game on applications - esp. when the timeline is so crunched.

Erika is going to be 18 months old next Wednesday! Time flies....she's walking and dancing and talking (a VERY little - mainly babbling). She moves to the toddler room on Monday (kinda sad - I liked her teacher - but I guess that's what happens when they grow up)

Anyway - work calls.
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