Willow Slmssc (slmssc) wrote,
Willow Slmssc


I have no particular reason to post...just grumpy. Grumpy-I'm-gonna-bite-your-head-off-grumpy. Don't know why; woke up that way. Suspect it has to do with hormones, and since I am working all day I'm just counting so that I don't actually kick the next customer out the door like I want to, after all it isn't there fault I cannot get anything done today without someone interrupting me.

And why can people not speak English - maybe we should learn other languages, I agree. But if you are working for a huge company in the US why can you not understand words like cash, credit, check....I could maybe learn a few languages to accomadate other people, but not countless languages, like Korean for instance. If you work here, you should be able to operate with day-in, day-out words. Maybe this is wrong of me to get annoyed.

Like I said it is hormones, esp. when the computer breaks and you want to throw it down and stomp on it - now what good would that do. And it doesn't do any good to yell at a co-worker cause they call your name, don't get up and don't holler what they need...then when you get up it is triveal and has nothing to do with work. Or when you are trying to eat lunch, millions of people come in, the phone is ringing off the hook and your food is getting cold.

And I haven't gotten things done in 2 days that are normal everyday things because I keep getting other things just set on my desk - and you can't throw it in your bosses face and say no...so now I have put everything off to do on Saturday when I am in the office by myself and no one can talk to me. I should be doing those things right now (although the drivers are coming in, so that would actually be impossible) but I do have to get things out of my system. I guess it must be hormones, cause I still do not feel better. *sigh* Oh well. 1.5 hours til I close the front door, and 3 til I go home....just gotta keep my mouth shut.

Sorry to fuss in here - esp. since I never do update, just don't have anyone else to vent to at the moment.
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